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At some point in our lives we all were single. This is just how the things work. To those who are lucky love comes early and stays with them forever. But for most of us – its a life full of searching, hoping, looking for the one. Although it seems hard but it's the joy of finding the right one that keeps us on this path.

It's not easy being single, unless you chose the path of a lonely wolf or work as a gigolo. We are social beings, and crave to be adored and loved. Sometimes the fair to be alone makes as settle with the ones that are not right for us at all.

Singles life can have some advantages, but sooner or later you will want to meet some one. Because there is no greater joy then the joy of sharing what you have with some one else.

Where you can find love when you are single?

There is a saying “don't look for love let it find you” and it's true. Love finds you, and usually in unexpected places. But it never hurts to put your self out there, so that it find you sooner. And there is lot's of ways and places how you can do it.

In the old days (before online dating) people used to go to clubs and bars to meet up. Some successfully managed to meet people in the streets and in the supermarkets or at the gym. All of these places work fine even today, and still will continue to work.

But what if you're shy, or work too much to find time for socializing. Why should you leave it all to pure chance. That's why internet dating became so popular. Contrary to popular believe, online dating is not for losers. Check out these myths about dating online.

Internet makes dating possible for everyone, at any time and anywhere. Now that's very good reasons to at least try it out. You can be at the office and still find at least a few dates for the weekend while doing your daily tasks. You can filter your possible mates, in order to save your time. And if you're to shy to start up a conversation, you can use millions of suggestions, match questions and icebreakers.

Online dating for singles

There are plenty of articles covering similar subject, and all of them reveal a thing or two about online dating. Some concentrate on how to become a guru of online dating, others just suggest how to start up a conversation or create a good profile. We also have some suggestions to you. They are pretty simple and easy to grasp.

Everyone know that a good start for online dating is a good profile. And we will help you create one with a little advice from the experts. Keep reading and soon you will have awesome results in online dating.

If you think you are an old fashioned guy, and online dating is a bit to much for you, read few tips on ow to become more datable.

Don't forget that no matter how datable or awesome you might become, there will be times where you will have to make the first step and go up to the girl. Now for some it's easy to talk to strangers, and some might find it hard. And don't forget that asking a girl direction to a nearby gas station is not the same as asking her out. To make things easier for you, we have some tips to start you off. Here's tips on how to flirt with a girl.

Online dating: making the first step

So you have decided to try it out, and you read the tips above on creating a good dating profile. You also chose a dating website (hopefully ours) and are ready to spread your love across the virtual world. That's good.

First, you should start by adjusting the filters, in other words, narrowing your search: select age, gender, city and etc. This will save your by eliminating the ones that do not match your criteria. Everyone has their own understanding of how to date online: some use the same techniques as they would in the club or at the bar. But let's face it, it's not the same. In some way you have more tools and information you could use to your advantage in online dating. The most important thing is to spot it and use it in the right way. Before jumping into to profiles and sending messages to gorgeous girls, we would recommend reading these online dating tips for men. And if you are a beautiful female, you should also considering reading online dating mistakes  even smart women make.

Moving forward: the first date

So you read the online dating tips above, you also checked out some other info somewhere online, and you're pretty much got the hang of it. Now the second step is asking some one out for a date. Assuming you got a rapport going with a girl or two, and after several messages (not more, you don't wanna be pen pals) you think you would like to meet her. Great! Since you already talking to hear, it means she is interested in you and she will probably go on a date with you if you just ask her. After all, she is here, on the online dating website. The most important thing is not to screw things up. The timing here is very important. So check out these dating tips on how to invite a girl for a date.

If you managed that, you're half way there. Meeting someone live who you met online is exciting and anxious enough. There is also a first impression you have to have in mind, and it doesn't matter how well you hit it off chatting online. In a way, imagine that you're meeting for the first time, like a blind date. Knowing you will be nervous, we prepared some cool tips for you. Lets start with basic mistakes to avoid on the first date. You will find some useful things in here. And girls, we did not forget about you, here you will find some don'ts when going on the first date: 11 things you don't do on the first date.

Guys, we know that going crazy about what to wear is mostly to women. But since they are going crazy about their garderobe don't think that they will not notice yours. Read how to choose clothes for the first date.

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